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Our Methods

Lē‘ahi Swim School is committed to teaching our students to swim in a nurturing, fun environment.

This includes creating an enjoyable place for our parents to observe the process. Our program uses a gentle, unique, personal teaching method. All students learn at their own pace while having fun appreciating the sport of swimming.


Each class runs for 25 minutes.

All levels have no more than five students per class (except Parent Aid, which has a maximum of six students per class). There are typically two instructors per class for our Beginner I, Beginner II, and Advanced Beginner I classes. All other levels typically have one instructor per class.

Level Description
Beginner I Designed for children who will not put their heads under water when asked.
Beginner II Designed for children who are comfortable completely submerging their head under water when asked.
Advanced Beginner I Designed for children who, in shallow water, can comfortably navigate to the teacher about five feet away without surfacing for air.
Advanced Beginner II Designed for children who are able to independently and comfortably float (front and back), swim 25 feet while kicking on their back and swim 25 feet while using freestyle and breaststroke.
Intermediate I Designed for children who can independently and confidently swim 25 feet while using freestyle with side-breathing, breaststroke with breathing, and backstroke.
Intermediate II Designed for children who are honing their freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke techniques while continuously swimming 75 feet.
Lē‘ahi Elite Designed for swimmers who can do the freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and further perfect their technique as well as learning racing starts and the butterfly.
Teen & Adult Any age and skill in the levels stated above.
Parent Aid Designed for infants and toddlers, 6 months – 3 years, accompanied by a parent. Parents are taught how to build their children’s confidence and skill level in the water.

Watch these videos and learn about the class skill levels at Lē‘ahi Swim School.

Beginner I & Beginner II

Advanced Beginner I & Advanced Beginner II

Intermediate I & Intermediate II



Pearl City Facility Photo

Pearl City Pool

Honolulu Mauka Facility Photo

Honolulu Mauka Pool

Honolulu Makai Facility Photo

Honolulu Makai Pool

Lē‘ahi Swim School is the only swim school in Hawai‘i with specially designed pools that feature gradual water depth from 6 inches to 8 feet. Students of all ages just love our pools.



Full payment (tuition plus all applicable fees) is due at the time of registration. Fees may include a registration fee (charged per student), which is automatically added to the tuition. The registration fee is NOT REFUNDABLE in the event of a withdrawal or cancellation. A penalty reservation fee may also be assessed in the event of a withdrawal or cancellation. When applicable, this fee is automatically deducted from a client’s eligible refund. Finally, Lē‘ahi Swim School, Inc. does assess a returned check fee for all returned checks.


Withdrawals from class less than one week before the session starting date, or at any point after the session has begun, will not be eligible for any type of refund. All withdrawals need to be handled DIRECTLY by Lē‘ahi Swim School, Inc.

Missed / Cancelled Classes

Classes are held rain or shine. Classes that are missed or cancelled for whatever reason, whether on the part of the student, the parent or guardian, or Lē‘ahi Swim School, Inc., including but not limited to illness, scheduling conflicts, emergencies such as fecal accidents, inclement weather or acts of God, will not be rescheduled or refunded.


As a courtesy to everyone at the school students who are ill are required to stay home.


Hair that is shoulder-length or longer must be clipped back from the face securely and put into pony or pigtails. Bangs should be trimmed out of the eyes. NO BOBBY PINS.



Potty Training

Students who have not been potty trained for at least 6 months by the start of the session, or who are potty trained BUT under 3 years of age, are required to wear approved reusable swim diapers. Reusable diapers are available for purchase from Lē‘ahi Swim School, Inc. Regular diapers and disposable swim diapers are not allowed.


Students may be photographed during a session at the discretion of Lē‘ahi Swim School, Inc. These photographs may be used in advertising or publicity. Photos taken during an Underwater Photo event are placed online for the convenience of viewing and purchasing. Only Lē‘ahi Swim School, Inc. clients are permitted to access the online site. Requests to exclude your child’s photos from the site must be submitted to us in writing.


Where is Lēahi Swim School?

Mailing Address
630 Pana Place
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816
(808) 234-SWIM

Honolulu Location

Saint Francis School
2707 Pamoa Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

Pearl City Location

Momilani Community Center
715 Hoomoana Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96782

Honolulu Location

Note: The “UH back-gate” route to the Honolulu Lē‘ahi Swim School location is permanently closed. Instead, use the University Ave. to Alaula Way to Pamoa Rd. route or the E. Mānoa Rd. to Kolowalu St. to Pamoa Rd. route.

Pearl City Location

About Us

Lē‘ahi Swim School Small Logo

Meet the founders of Lē‘ahi Swim School.

Lē‘ahi Swim School is a “family-style” business in every sense of the word. A wholly owned and operated company, the school is captained by the dynamic mother-and-son duo of Lori and Ben Komer. As co-owners of Lē‘ahi Swim School, Lori and Ben bring a strong sense of 'ohana and teamwork to the school.

United States Swimming School Association Member
Ben Komer

Ben Komer

Ben says, “Our business is run like a family, very open and accepting. It is a place to grow and learn. We learn from each other.” In fact the school’s culture represents the same core values that define the Komer family itself: love, fun and acceptance. Over the years that family-style approach to doing business has enabled Lē‘ahi to reach thousands of Hawai‘i’s ‘ohana.

Lori Komer

Lori Komer

Lori started Lē‘ahi Swim School in 1974. Her passion was to teach not only her own children, but other local keiki as well, to swim and enjoy the water as much as she did. As a mother, Lori recognized the need to share her knowledge with Hawai‘i’s next generation. The result was a school that has since grown to become the preferred choice for many parents alike.

Today Lē‘ahi continues to serve Hawai‘i’s families from three locations on O‘ahu.

The school has continued to grow, with many former students now teaching classes, as well as some of its former teachers returning to enroll their own children. Yet despite this success, it has always been important to both Lori and Ben to keep the culture of the company true to Lē‘ahi’s family-style roots. That’s why Lē‘ahi accepts students of all ages, including parents and even grandparents. It’s a great way for families to enjoy and participate in the experience together.

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